Health and Absences

Absences for sickness

If a child is unwell and unable to attend school parents must inform the school of the reason for a child’s absence on the first day by ringing the office and leaving a message on the dedicated absence line. Absences in excess of 5 days require a written parental note or completion of the Sickness Absence Form (pink) which can be collected from the indoor parents’ notice board or downloaded here. This is in addition to the telephoned message.

If a child has an upset stomach or is sick they should not return to school until 48hours after the last bout of sickness.
First Aid Policy
Policy for supporting children at school with medical conditions
Attendance Policy
Intimate Care Policy

Illness and injury at school

When children have minor injuries during the day general first aid procedures are followed in line with the school’s first aid policy. Staff qualifications are regularly updated. If a child is taken ill at school, or injuries are more serious, every effort is made to contact parents. Parents must ensure their child’s list of daytime contacts is up to date.

Medical Information

When children start school the admission form asks for medical information. Please complete as necessary. It is vital that this medical information is kept up to date since conditions such as asthma and allergies can develop at any stage so please inform the school office in writing so that children’s medical records can be amended and staff informed.

Health Checks

As part of the Healthy Child Programme, every child in Reception will be seen by a nurse to measure their height & weight.


Hearing tests are taken as part of the health screening process, upon request, or if a child is known to have problems.

Appointments for medical purposes, days of religious observance or other reasons

If a child is going to be absent for part of a school session for a doctor, dentist or other appointment the school must be notified in advance either by a written note or completion of the Appointments Absence Form (green) which can be collected from the indoor parents noticeboard or downloaded here.

When collecting and returning a child for such purposes parents should ensure that the class teacher and the office are aware. The Signing In Book in the reception area must be completed.

On occasions children return to school not having completed their course of treatment. A member of staff may administer prescription medicines at school if the consent form is completed. Only medication prescribed by their GP specifically for your child can be given.

Please click here to download:
or the Parental Permission for the School to Administer Medicine Form (long term)
Parental Permission for the School to Administer Medicine Form (short term)
Asthma Policy