International Learning

Through our international work we look beyond our small school setting to build friendships with children in other communities across the world.

Our achievements in this area have been acknowledged by the British Council : we were awarded the full International School Award in 2006, 2009 and 2012.

We learn about what it is like to live in other countries and develop our understanding of the art, music, culture and beliefs of the people who live there.
Meet Gulliver

This is Gulliver our school bear- he has travelled all over the world with families and friends from our school community. He always comes back with photographs and souvenirs from the countries he has been to.

Where in the world has Gulliver been?
We have had links with schools in Pakistan, USA, Senegal, Uganda, Germany and Italy. It is really interesting when teachers from our partner schools come to visit us.
International Culture Week

We completed a shared learning task finding out about an aspect of the culture of a country that interested us. We found out some amazing facts, made posters, artefacts and cooked and shared food from our chosen country. Our work is displayed in school for everyone to see.
Here are some reports written by Maple Class about the different learning activities we had during the week.
International Culture Week

We did lots of fun activities for our International Culture Week which started on Monday 25th November.

On Monday we did Satyam Dancing. In the dance we used our hands and feet to make animals. We used the animal shapes to tell a story with the dance. At the beginning and end we said sorry to the floor because we stamped on it in the dance so much! It was quite tiring but also very good.
By Darcey
On Tuesday a storyteller visited us and told us some international stories. These are some of our favourite stories:

My favourite story was Strong Magic. My favourite part was when the boy turned into a Koala and put the bowls of water in the tree.
By Deacon

Our favourite book was Here Come the Aliens. Our favourite parts were when we shouted ‘The aliens are coming!’ in a funny voice at the end of each page and seeing the different aliens on each page.
By Maya and Harley.

Our favourite story was Turtle’s Race with Beaver. Our favourite part was when Turtle has a race with Beaver. The turtle bit the beaver’s tail and it threw him in the air in front of him. We also liked at the end when Beaver shared a pond with Turtle.
By Denzel, Ferne and Harley.
On Wednesday we had a special French breakfast. All the school was in the hall together. The food was really nice. We had French bread, hot chocolate and croissants. We listened to French music and some of the year 4s like Harry and Austin gave out the food. I had butter and there was jam. I sat on a table with Harley Dyer and Darcey.
By Ruby

On Thursday we made Samosas with Amelie’s mum. We started with a bit of pastry. We used a little bit of flour glue to stick the sides together. The glue looked like porridge! The samosa had vegetables like carrots and potatoes in it. We had to make sure it had no holes in it when we were finished.
We got to smell all of the spices it had in it. They smelled really good. They were very tasty after we cooked it at home!
By Layla and Poppy