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Personal Development


Personal development is an important part of Hockliffe's children’s education and helps them prepare for their next steps. The school's aim is to ensure that children to make positive life and learning choices, so that they can succeed in the future. Hockliffe believes Personal, Social and Health Education and Citizenship should help to give pupils the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to live confident, healthy, independent lives and to become informed, active, responsible citizens.

It should equip pupils to live safe and balanced lives by developing the attributes and qualities they need to thrive as individuals, family members and members of society.

We want children who:

  • Are motivated
  • Have enquiring minds
  • Engage with learning
  • Are resourceful
  • Are knowledgeable
  • Are alert
  • Are thoughtful
  • Are prepared and informed so they can make positive choices

These attributes are nurtured from the start at Hockliffe Lower School. They are linked to our ethos, values and behaviour expectations - all of which are modelled within our Hockliffe community.


We teach the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and National Curriculum for key stage 1 and lower key stage 2.

In the early years curriculum personal, social and emotional development (PSED) is a prime area. Much learning in this area is incidental and occurs in daily interactions with adults and other children. Adults support and model the attributes we wish to develop. Children are supported to make good decisions and positive choices.

In key stage 1 and lower key stage 2, much learning continues to be incidental arising from daily interactions within the school community. Staff continue to model attributes and support children in their decision making. There are weekly planned PSHE lessons.

Examples of Personal Development opportunities 

  • Special weeks and events - Fairtrade Week/Health Week/Science Week/Eco Week/Anti-bullying week
  • Visits to Hazard Alley in Milton Keynes
  • Assemblies and workshops
  • Charity fundraising
  • Enterprise events
  • Leadership opportunities, such as Young Leaders and leading clubs at lunchtime


Children will:

  • Develop confidence, resilience and self-esteem
  • Make informed decisions and understand what influences their decisions
  • Understand and cope with difference and change and make effective transitions
  • Manage emotions and communicate constructively in a variety of settings
  • Develop an understanding of themselves
  • Develop empathy and an ability to work with others
  • Make and maintain good relationships
  • Identify and manage risks
  • Understand their own and others’ rights and responsibilities in the school community and the wider world
  • Be prepared to play an active role as responsible citizens in a democratic society