Parental Engagement


Hockliffe Lower School welcomes parents into school at any time to discuss their child’s progress and any concerns. Parents/carers are encouraged to speak to their child’s teacher at the end of the day during collection. Please do keep these messages short. If you feel a longer discussion is needed, please make an appointment with the class teacher or headteacher via the school office

Parent Information Events

Class Information meetings are held by each class teacher at the beginning of the school year in September. Parents have a group meeting with the teacher, so that they can be made aware of the routines and expectations of their child’s new class.

Parent Consultations

Individual Parent Consultation meetings are held in the second half of the Autumn and Spring terms when teachers discuss a child’s progress, next steps in learning and suggest how parents can support their child at home to achieve these targets.


Parents receive a written report on their child’s progress in the summer term and parents are invited to make an appointment to discuss this report with the class teacher.

Direct Communication with Parents

Letters, emails and text alerts are sent regularly, or as appropriate, to parents to keep them informed of events and issues at the school. Letters will be sent home in the children’s book bags or will be emailed.

Parents’ Noticeboards

Information for parents is displayed on the outdoor Parents’ noticeboard by the playground door.

When necessary, messages are placed on an A-frame notice board on the playground.

Amazon Wish List

Rather than parents buying teachers Christmas and end of year gifts, they can instead purchase resources for Hockliffe Lower School from a wish list on Amazon.

Hockliffe Lower Amazon Wish List

Equality, Diversity and inclusion (EDI) Group

Hockliffe Lower School is developing an EDI parents group. The group meets at least once a term and looks at how it can increase awareness around equality, diversity & Inclusion.

If you are interested in joining the group please email the school office.