RM Unify Parent Portal

RM Unify is Hockliffe Lower School’s platform for parents/carers to access services, such as ParentPay, School Money, Google Classroom and BBC Bitesize.

Register for RM Unify and the Parent Portal

The school will contact parents/carers via email to create a user account.

The username will be the email address that the school holds for parents/carers. The school advises that a strong password is chosen.

The RM Unify platform can be accessed on a web browser on any device, such as a desktop, laptop, tablet/iPad or mobile phone, by searching for www.rmunify.com and logging in with the user account details.

Register for an RM Account

Accessing Parent Portal from a Web Browser

Parent Portal

The Parent Portal module gives information about the data we hold on parents and children at Hockliffe. This information includes daily attendance and a summary of a child’s attendance to date.

As parental contact information, such as names, addresses and telephone numbers are more likely to change than other information we hold about your child or children, we request that this information is up-to-date. Users can change this information and send a request with the change directly to the school from the Parent Portal. A received notification will be sent, once the school has actioned the request.

When the school sends an email, a copy will appear in the Messages section of the Parent Portal. Any attachments are also stored with the email and can be downloaded.

At certain times, there may be specific letters or documents that the school will want to share with parents. These items will be shared securely through the Parent Portal. Documents shared will be located within the Reports area of your Parent Portal and can be viewed and downloaded onto your device. The Parent Portal module can also be accessed independently, via the Parent Portal app.

For Android devices, please use the Google Play Store and search for RM Parent Portal and follow the normal steps to install.

For Apple devices, go to the App Store and search for RM Parent Portal and follow the normal steps to install the app.

Parents/carers can use the same login details used for the Unify platform.

RM Parent Portal App: Install and Open